Starting in the Middle

As I write the first blog post for Roast & Oak, I want to acknowledge that I’m in the middle of a journey that started 10+ years ago. From not being able to stomach a sip of coffee to being a latte-in-the-morning and an espresso-in-the-afternoon kind of person. From being a weekend beer drinker to a wine aficionado. This blog is a tribute to the maturity of taste and the appreciation for the art and history of coffee and wine.

While I’ve missed out on documenting tasting notes for hundreds of bottles of wine I’ve tried and sharing wine experiences from across the United States, Spain, Italy, Hungary, and beyond, I’ll use this blog as an avenue to share wine experiences both for others and for my own recollection. I hope to dig up some of the pictures and memories from the past and share them here as well.

As for the coffee side of Roast & Oak, that’s really more my husband’s interest, but as frequent travelers, we both value finding a good coffee shop in airports. We’ll share the local coffee shops we stumble upon and often visit both in our state of Wisconsin and across the US.

The first post for Roast & Oak is nearly complete. I look forward to sharing and connecting as the journey continues. It’s all for the love of coffee and wine!