Drink Wine, Give Hope

Fundraise with Me and ONEHOPE

I partner with ONEHOPE, a Napa Valley winery, to bring the California wine tasting experience home to Wisconsin. I love that ONEHOPE focuses on community and has donated over $9M to non-profit organizations. I know that every bottle of wine I drink from ONEHOPE gives back. Want to fundraise with me and donate 10% of wine sales to a non-profit of your choice?

Fundraising Options

1. In-person Wine Tasting

Invite your friends, family, guests of choice for a fun and informational wine tasting experience. I’ll meet you and your guests and bring the wine. It’s typically about a 2 hour event. 10% of all wine sales from the event go to a non-profit of your choice. That’s it!

2. Virtual Wine Tasting

Like the in-person wine tasting, but it’s virtual, hosted over Facebook live or similar. There’s a bit more advanced planning because guests can order wine in advance to participate in the tasting. 10% of all wine sales from the event go to a non-profit of your choice.

3. No Event – Custom Fundraiser Link

This option is ideal for non-profits or any 501(c)(3) organization that wants to raise money through the sale of wine. The link can stay active as long as desired and can be advertised on websites, on social media, in newsletters, etc. The non-profit will receive a check on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Interested in a Wine Fundraiser?

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